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Hi, I am Chef Vanda, The Organic Personal Chef and the owner of Shilloh Personal Chef Services, a Long Island Personal Chef company. When I first started my personal chef business in 1999, my goal was simple: To make every meal the best meal you have ever tasted. My goal has never changed.

An Organic Personal Chef in Long Island

Long Island is a wonderful place to live and grow a family. Long Island is close to New York City for culture. The schools of Long Island are some of the best in the country and the towns have their unique charm. Long Island is also home to some of the best privately owned organic farms.

By supporting our local farms, we get exceptional taste and freshness; we strengthen our local economy, safeguard your family’s health, and protect the environment.


A Visit To a Winter Green Market

The Organic Personal Chef visits The New Amsterdam Market in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge. The theme was “Grains”, a collection of vendors emphasizing flour milled locally and artisan breads, plus so much more.



Cooking Party Cooking Class Long Island

Gather your friends for a “Girls Night Out” with a twist. Chef Vanda will come to your kitchen for an educational, interactive demonstration – how to prepare a Mexican Fiesta, Japanese Sushi, Low Carb, or Seafood Carnival

What you get: * A Fun Night and Learning Experience * Customized Menus * Meal Preparation in Your Home * Learn From A Professional * Freshest Vegetables * Freshest Fish * Complete Grocery Shopping * Variety of Healthy Menus * Top Quality Meats * Freshest Herbs & Seasonings

Cooking Classes in New York

And then the best part, after the washing, chopping, diceing, sauteeing, flipping, frying – you get to sit down and enjoy your creations.
Great Idea For: * Bachelorette Parties * Girls Night Out * Monday Night Football Alternative * Small Family Gatherings * Client Bonding * Corporate Team Building * Office Holiday Party


Hosting An Elegant Dinner Party

Would you like to feel like an honored guest at your own elegant party. The Organic Personal Chef Service can do all the work; menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking, elegant service and clean-up.
Food That Sounds Good

I wish for every guest that tastes my food to have an adventure of the senses. Every meal should sound good, when you read the menu you will say “Mmmm, that sounds good!”

Every meal should look exciting with bright colors and contrasting texture that invite you to taste.

Every meal will be incredibly delicious with the right sized portions.

Every course is an exciting experience. And like a great symphony, every note sounds even better played together. We are eager to share that adventure with every one of your guests.


If this is the kind of service you are looking for, your next step is to call Chef Vanda right now for your in-home interview to go over food preferences.
(516) 459-6850




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Choosing a chef to come to your home and prepare meals you are going to love is based on trust, I invite you to get to know me better:
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Chef Vanda at the Farmer's Market
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