Although I've been running a personal chef business for over 20 years and always committed to bringing the healthiest meals to your home throughout the years. However, I've become more educated on what "healthy" really means.

In the kitchen with Chef Vanda
Chef Vanda will help you on your path to good health

It started with lower fats and more vegetables. In an effort to serve my clients that require food free of harmful chemicals like antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, phosphates and nitrates, I became more aware of the harmful effects of conventional methods of food production.

I made it my goal to become The Organic Personal Chef.

Studies have shown a vegan lifestyle leads to a longer life. I now prepare only vegan meals.

Our Mission Statement

  • My goal is to make every meal the best meal you have ever tasted.
  • We are committed to preparing your meals with the freshest ingredients that are wholesome and safe to eat. We care about the health and well-being of our clients, as well as our environment. We provide food and nutrition that support a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way to live. Back to Basics.
  • We carefully evaluate each and every product we use - keeping processed ingredients, unnecessary sugar, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and corn syrup to an absolute minimum. We feature healthy meals free of artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, preservatives and hydrogenated fats.
  • We seek out and promote organically grown produce and locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables to offer the best variety.
  • We are continuously improving our efforts to reduce our footprint by using less plastic, greener products, cloth grocery bags, and recycling. When cleaning, we use only organic, toxic-free cleaning products to protect your family from harmful chemicals. “I am very particular when it comes to cleanliness and have tried many different brands before finding one that is not only environmentally-friendly but looks and feels clean”, says Chef Vanda.
  • We are passionate about great tasting healthy meals and the pleasure of sharing it with the ones we love. We thrive on excellence, good service, presentation and quality of product.

Chef Vanda portrait
Chef Vanda is The Organic Personal Chef


I take the health and well being of my clients very seriously. I don't cut corners on ingredients, I will not compromise my client's health by buying the cheapest ingredients. My client don't have to worry about what they are feeding their families, they are confident about the service I provide.




My Pledge To My Clients

I will use the freshest, tastiest ingredients for all of your meals

  • No GMOs - Ever !
  • No Corn Syrup - Ever !
  • No Bleached Flour - Ever !
  • No Nitrates - Ever !
  • No Casein - Ever !
  • No Artificial Flavors - Ever !
  • No Artificial Preservatives - Ever !
  • No Aluminum Leached Into Your Food- Ever !
  • No Animal Products.

People that eat healthy live longer. The Organic Personal Chef service is not for everybody. I am not your average personal chef. If you are looking for a healthy change in the way you eat, The Organic Personal Chef is your solution.

Call Chef Vanda right now for your in-home interview to go over food preferences.

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