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Our goal is to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted! In order to accomplish this we must know about your preferences and your dietary needs. We have the ability to prepare gourmet meals to your specifications as well as preparing favorite recipes you may have.

Meals prepared specifically to your tastes

Meals prepared specifically to your tastes

Customized Menus

When you hire The Organic Personal Chef, Chef Vanda will come to your home and conduct an interview and complete a detailed questionnaire.

We use the results of the interview and the questionnaire to develop your menus.

Each menu lists entrees and some side dishes and is presented to you for your approval prior to your scheduled cooking day.


Freezer full of meals

Meals are packaged to lock in flavor. Follow the simple heating directions to enjoy your homemade meals

Refrigerator full of gourmet organic meals

Your freezer full of delicious organic meals, specifically for your tastes, medical restrictions and dietary requirements.


Meal Preparation in Your Home

Once you have approved your menu, we will schedule a day to cook in your home. We arrive with all of the utensils we need to complete your meals.

We cook the food in your home, then package and refrigerate or freeze each item, and leave thawing and heating instructions. By following these instructions your meals will taste like they were just prepared!

We leave your kitchen clean and home smelling wonderful. You simply heat the meals and enjoy the free time, the clean kitchen, and the fabulous food.


Variety of Healthy Menus

When Chef Vanda prepares your meals, she will cook to your please your tastes and also according to your dietary requirements. So, if you need a  low fat meal and you don’t eat red meat, don’t worry. You may want to try the turkey and black bean chili, or maybe you would prefer the lime and cilantro marinated shrimp.

If neither of these entrees appeal to you there are many more you can try. In fact, Chef Vanda is constantly expanding the entree selections available, which means you won’t see the same meal twice in a 6 month period unless you request a repeat of your favorites.


Complete grocery shopping

Farm fresh vegetables

Your meals are prepared using the freshest organic ingredients



Complete Grocery Shopping

On your scheduled cooking day, we will shop for the groceries needed for the meals on your menu. We will purchase all of the items needed and the cost of these groceries are incorporated into the service charge.


Freshest Vegetables

On your scheduled cooking day, we will select the freshest vegetables available for your meals. If at all possible, we will use produce that was harvested that day.

The finest fish of the day

Chef Vanda picks the absolutely best fish from the market

Chef Vanda selects the best fillet for your meal

Chef Vanda selects the best fillet for your meal


Freshest Fish

The fish selected for your meals will be the freshest fish available. All of the fish will be purchased the day we cook for you. If fish is available that was flown in on your cooking day, we will select that fish, even if we drive to three markets to get the very best!

We support environmentally responsible fishing practices and pledge to not serve items from the Seafood Watch “Avoid” list.


Top Quality Meats

The meats we select are of the finest quality available. The cuts are the most tender, and all are purchased the day we cook for you. No frozen meat here! We offer beef, veal, lamb, pork, turkey, and chicken entrees.


Freshest Herbs & Spices

The herbs used in your meals are fresh and harvested that day if possible. If the herb is not in season, we will purchase dried herbs and crush them when we use them. We grind our seasonings fresh each day and only as much as we need.

These practices prevent the flavorful oils from evaporating while the herbs and spices sit on a shelf waiting for use.

The Organic Personal Chef



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