The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss

The Role of Exercise in Weight Loss   by fraderic sahayaraj

Exercise and weight management should go hand-in-hand for anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is one of the two main factors for anyone who is looking to lose weight, with the other being diet. In fact, statistics show that only about 10% of people who successfully lose weight and keep it off do so by diet alone. About 90% of long-term weight management success is achieved through a combination of diet and exercise. In addition, exercise helps improve the overall health and fitness level of the dieter.

The Benefits of Exercise – The benefits of exercising regularly seem to be endless. While many of the benefits of exercise are obvious, others are less so, including:

Improves your mood – Whether you’re looking to relieve stress or raise your spirits, a good workout can help. Regular physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain that can help relax you, increase your self-esteem and thwart depression. Increases brain power- Exercise has also been shown to improve mental clarity and function.

Combats chronic disease – Osteoporosis, heart disease, and high blood pressure are just some of the conditions that regular exercise can help you avert.

Improves sleep – If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, exercise can help. Please note though that exercising very close to your bedtime can leave you with too much energy to fall asleep right away.

Calories Burned through Exercise

The number of calories you burn through exercise will depend on such things as the type of exercise, how long you performed the exercise, and your body weight (all else being equal, heavier people tend to burn more calories than lighter people). A rule-of-thumb to consider is that a pound of fat contains about 3,500 calories. So to lose one pound per week, you should look to burn about 500 more calories per day than you consume (500 X 7 = 3,500 calories).

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