Personal Chef Services

A List of Our Services:

  • Personal Chef Services

What’s for Dinner? Ask today’s busy households and you’ll hear answers such as fast food or frozen pizza. Your schedule doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. Learn more about our Organic Personal Chef Services >>>

  • Special Diet Meals

Medical diets like weight-loss, gluten-free, diabetic or allergies. As well as Vegetarian diets from strict vegan to lacto-octo vegetarians will be happy with Chef Vanda’s menu specially customized to your specific needs. Learn more about our Special Diet / Medical Restriction Diet Services >>>

  • Cooking Class Parties

A fun interactive cooking class is a great idea for a girl’s night out party. Your guests will be smiling, laughing and having a great time. Gather your friends for a “Girls Night Out” with a twist. Chef Vanda will come to your kitchen for an educational, interactive demonstration. Learn more about our Cooking Class Party Services >>>

  • Cooking Instruction

Whether you have no cooking skills, little experience, or just want to cook healthier – Chef Vanda loves to teach the art of cooking. Learn more about our Private Cooking Class >>>

  • Kitchen Re-Organization

Just moving into a new home? Want to put a little order to your pantry and cabinets. Chef Vanda has arranged and re-arranged many kitchens. Chef Vanda will throw out the old and stock your pantry with fresh spices according to your tastes. Learn more about our Kitchen Organization Services >>>

  • Elegant Parties

Dinner parties of four to twelve people with full wait staff, fine restaurant dining in the comfort of your own home. Learn more about our Elegant Dinner Party Services >>>

  • Theme Party

Japanese Sushi, Middle Eastern, Iberian Rodizio, Mexican, French Cuisine, Indian …. visit a far away land and stay in the comfort of your own home. Learn more about our Theme Party Services >>>

  • Holiday Meal

The whole family is coming for dinner, don’t worry leave the cooking to us. Enjoy the company of your friends and family. Learn more about our Holiday Meal Preparation Services >>>

  • Cooking Demonstration

Team building cooking instruction for the whole office at your break room or cafeteria. Chef Vanda will get the entire department involved with a fun, interactive healthy food demonstration. Learn more about our Cooking Demonstrations >>>

  • Organic Baby Food

Your child deserves wholesome, nutritious food without the sodium and preservatives found in commercially available baby food. Learn more about our Organic Baby Food >>>

  • Organic New Mom Baby Food Cooking Class

Your child deserves wholesome, nutritious food without the sodium and preservatives found in commercially available baby food. Learn more about our Baby Food Cooking Class >>>

  • Outdoor Parties

Family reunion, block party, pool party, learn to cook on your new grill. Not your average barbeque, this is more than just hamburgers and hot dogs. Learn more about our Outdoor Barbecue Party Services >>>

  • Restaurant Consulting Service

Whether you are opening your first restaurant or looking to add healthy selections to your current menu, Chef Vanda can help. Learn more about our Restaurant Consulting Service >>>


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