Put Your Child On the Right Path To Health

Learn to cook for your newborn, infant, toddler and young child with The Organic Personal Chef. We are a Long Island based company offering fun and social cooking classes for parents that want to get their children’s health off to a good start.

Baby Food Cooking Classes

Organic radishes and carrots in the steamer

Start with organic steamed vegetables – radishes and carrots to start

Chef Vanda conducts small informal workshops to give you the confidence, knowledge and skills to make feeding your baby, simple, nutritious and delicious. Whatever stage your baby is at, you will know you are getting the best food and helping to develop your child’s healthy eating habits.

Get some friends together and we’ll run a workshop just for you!

Baby food classes are run by Chef Vanda, The Organic Personal Chef – committed to providing you and your family with organic, local, seasonal and affordable food.

You and your friends will receive information, ideas and tips that you will valuable and useful – and you will have fun!

As the parent of a newborn, you want to provide your baby with the best possible start in life and by introducing your child to fresh, organic foods, you are creating the solid foundation for your child to make healthy food decisions for the rest of their life.


cut sweet watermelon radishes

Your children deserve the purity of nutritious vegetables handpicked from organic markets.

Remember to check with your pediatrician before making any changes to your baby’s diet.


Organic baby food:

Did you know some commercially produced baby food is full of sodium and inexpensive baby food is nutritionally deficient and full of preservatives.

For proper physical development, your child should eat wholesome, nutritious food. And the only way they will enjoy it is if it looks and tastes good. Chef Vanda will prepare the food your baby’s growing body craves.


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Chef Vanda will:

  • Shop for the freshest, wholesome organic ingredients
  • Customize menus to your approval.
  • Cook in your home.
  • Package in baby safe containers
  • Label and leave simple, detailed heating instructions
  • Leave your kitchen spotless

Leaving you more time to spend with your children

Chef Vanda has provided this service for several busy parents like yourself, that wants to provide quality meals but just doesn’t have the time. This is a great addition to our personal chef services or by itself.

Want to make a difference in your child’s health?

With a brief phone conversation, Chef Vanda can help you determine the best service for your needs and answer any questions you might have about The Organic Personal Chef and my services. Invite Health!


Call me today (516) 459-6850

Namaste, Chef Vanda


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