BBQ Cooking Class

“I think people are intimidated by grilling … maybe it’s the flame, maybe it’s the big grills, maybe they’ve had some bad childhood experiences … but I think that grilling is actually the easiest technique in cooking,”  ~ Bobby Flay

Barbecuing has been around since early cavemen figured out that food tasted great after being cooked on an open fire. Fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork and other meats as well as hearty vegetables taste great and are healthier for you, if prepared properly on an outdoor grill.


Barbecue means to slow-cook meat over a low temperature heat for a long period of time, locking in all the juices and making the meat “falling off the bone” tender.


Grills Just Wanna Have Fun!

First, barbecuing or grilling allows you to create a meal that is unmatched by any other type of cooking. The grilled smell and taste will get anyone’s stomach growling. The menu you serve should largely depend on your crowd and the event in which you are celebrating. With the wide range of possibilities, you are sure to find at least a few items that will please your crowd. Barbeque Lessons.


Learn to cook on your new grill

More people than ever are now entertaining at home and building outdoor kitchens is all the rage. Maybe you have just purchased the outdoor barbecue you have always wanted, now you are ready to break it in and you are anxious to impress your guests with your new barbecue and grilling skills.


Your Barbecue Cooking Class will include lessons in:

  • Marinates and Dry Rubs
  • The Perfect Steak
  • Cooking Vegetables
  • Tools and Knife Skills
  • Food Safety
  • Quality Meat Selection
  • and so much more!

Not only will you have fun learning to cook on your very own outdoor grill in an informal setting but then you get to eat your first great creation. Afterwards, everyone will wonder why their barbecued foods never tastes as good as yours.


Whether you have no cooking skills, little experience, or just want to expand your grilling knowledge – Chef Vanda loves to teach the art of cooking.

  • Your private cooking instruction will bring out a creative side of yourself.
  • Your friends and family will be amazed by your new skills.
  • You will feel proud knowing how to prepare food properly.

Ready to learn how to use your barbecue?

Give me a call, with a brief phone conversation, Chef Vanda can help you determine the best service for your needs and answer any questions you might have about a BBQ cooking class and The Organic Personal Chef services.


Invite Health! Call me today  (516) 459 – 6850


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