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Bachelorette Cooking Class Party on Long Island

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* Are you looking for a great bachelorette party idea?
* Are you in charge of your friend’s bridal shower?
* Looking for a something great for a girl’s night out?

Planning a bachelorette party is hard work. Coordinating guests from two sides of a family that hasn’t met and making sure everyone has a good time is stressful.

They’ve tried the usual bachelorette party option, a night of excess: Wasting money on a limousine, a subpar restaurant with bad service, too much drinking, male strippers that left everyone feeling uneasy, more drinking, then club hopping and more drinking but often these options turn into a night of regrets.

A bachelorette party can be a night of bonding with friends.

Chef Vanda has attended many bachelorette parties that were about excess. She watched as guests of the party would leave early. The mother-of-the-bride, the future mother-in-law and close aunts were excluded from their girl’s night out. Vanda watched as guests that had no other activity but drinking, would end up getting too drunk with little or no memory of the bachelorette party they had attended.

There is another option:
A healthy and fun alternative

The Organic Personal Chef owner, Chef Vanda will come to your kitchen for an interactive meal that will delight your palate and enlighten your mind with a look into the Art & Science of culinary techniques and flavor perceptions. A completely hands-on culinary experience that is both healthy and fun:

* Japanese cuisine – learn to roll sushi
* Seafood Carnival – learn to cook fish properly
* Seduction Meal – learn to make meal that will get him in the mood

At a great bachelorette party, the bride-to-be’s mother and future mother-in-law will want to stay and be one of the girls. At a great bachelorette party:

* Your guests will mingle with each other
* Your guests will feel safe in the comfort of your home
* Your guests will be able to talk at comfortable levels
* Your guests will be involved at whatever level they feel comfortable


Cooking Class Party

Cooking class party

An interactive meal will delight your palate and enlighten your mind with a look into the Art & Science of culinary techniques and flavor perceptions.

A fun interactive cooking class is a great idea for a girl’s night out party. Your guests will be smiling, laughing and having a great time. Gather your friends for a “Girls Night Out” with a twist. Chef Vanda will come to your kitchen for an educational, interactive demonstration. A great part of the night’s enjoyment is creating a great meal. Instead of being a night to forget, make it a night that everyone will walk away with knowledge they can use over and over again.

You will be shown:

* Cooking Techniques
* Special Ingredients
* Unique Tips
* Food Safety
* Appealing Food Presentation

And then the best part, you get to sit down and enjoy your creations.

Great Idea For:

 * Bachelorette Parties
* Girls Night Out
* Birthday Party
* Healthy Alternative To An Ordinary Party
* Anniversary Party
* Monday Night Football Alternative

 * Couples Night Out
* Small Family Gatherings
* Client Bonding
* Corporate Team Building
* Office Holiday Party

All age groups can benefit from a cooking class party.

Learning to cook was never this much fun!

Instead of going out, bring the restaurant to you! Let’s create a great meal that you know what you are eating.

Planning a party is hard work. There is just so much to consider. From the amount of guests to the menu, from the beverages to the cleanup. This time let The Organic Personal Chef work with you to produce the party you’ve always wanted to host.

Over the years, we have helped our clients host successful parties, by providing top notch service, preparing delicious, beautiful food and avoiding common and not-so-common problems.

Let me know how we can help, I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have about The Organic Personal Chef and my services. Namaste, Chef Vanda

Chef Vanda is not taking new clients at this time.

Cooking class party

An interactive meal will delight