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Organic Thanksgiving Turkey With All The Trimming

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Plan For The Holidays

A Complete Holiday Meal For The Whole Family

Here come the hectic holidays again.

Every year, you say to yourself you are going to take it easy on yourself.

Every year, you invite the whole family over to your house for a family dinner, and every year, you prepare, cook, clean-up the entire meal.

And then, as soon as you are ready to socialize with your family, they are all ready to go home.

Not this year!

Favorite recipes for traditional meals

The Organic Personal Chef Service can do all the work; menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation, cooking, elegant service and clean-up.



This year you will call The Organic Personal Chef

(516) 459-6850

The Organic Personal Chef will prepare your holiday menu, shop for all the freshest produce, prepare the entire meal the way you make it if you had the time and energy.

  • Homemade gravy not jar gravy.
  • Stuffing from scratch not stuffing from a box.
  • Mashed potatoes mashed by hand not sprinkled out of a box.
  • Cranberry sauce with real cranberries not in the shape of a tin can.
  • A moist and delicious turkey like you would love to make for your family, without the fuss.

Then she will put the entire meal into your refrigerator and clean your kitchen spotless. Complete holiday meal preparation.

This year, you will take the dinner out of the refrigerator, pop it into the oven, pour yourself a glass of wine and share the company of your friends and family.

This Year:

  • No crowded supermarkets
  • No early morning food preparation
  • No slaving in the kitchen on your days off
  • No disappointments because you couldn’t spend time with your friends and family
  • Complete holiday meal preparation.


This Year:

  • You will sleep late
  • Feel relaxed
  • Spend quality time and have fun with your guests
  • Get to watch the football game (if you want to)
  • You will receive compliments for your food
  • You will call The Organic Personal Chef
  • Complete holiday meal preparation.


For full details and pricing call (516) 459-6850

Healthy Holiday meals

A healthy alternative holiday meal that leaves you satisfied without the guilty feeling


The Organic Personal Chef will accommodate your religious dietary restrictions: Kosher, Glatt Kosher, Meat-free, Vegetarian and more.

The Organic Personal Chef will accommodate your medical restrictions: gluten-free, sodium-free, lactose-free, soy-free and more.

Personal Chef Services Information:

Planning a party is hard work. There is just so much to consider. From the amount of guests to the menu, from the beverages to the cleanup. This time let The Organic Personal Chef work with you to produce the party you’ve always wanted to host. Your complete holiday meal preparation.

Over the years, we have helped our clients host successful holiday parties, by providing top notch service, preparing delicious, beautiful food and avoiding common and not-so-common problems. Let me know how we can help, I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have about preparing a great holiday meal and my services.

Namaste, Chef Vanda

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