Kitchen Organization


An organized kitchen will give you a place for everything,

Re-organizing the entire kitchen is an overwhelming, time-consuming task – knowing how to make it work efficiently is essential.

Start with the right tools

Everything In It’s Place


Kitchen Re-Organization

  • Remodeling?
  • Moving to a new home?
  • Ready to start a healthy eating lifestyle?
  • Buying new kitchen appliances?
  • Do you need order in your kitchen?


Chef Vanda can help!

The best pots and pans from the start

The best pots and pans from the start


The right tool for the right job


From Chef Vanda‘s experience working in restaurants and clients homes, she knows what works well and why. Chef Vanda will make sure you do not make mistakes in your purchases. How often will you use a digital meat smoker for?


Chef Vanda will turn your kitchen into your home. Kitchen organization.


Everything in it’s place

From Chef Vanda‘s experience as a personal chef cooking in various homes, she will put your kitchen in order, to optimize space and give your kitchen a flow. The prep area will have what you use to prepare food, your cook area will be set to cook. Your pantry will be stocked with the right items in the right quantity. Your pots and pans will be stacked to optimize space. Everything will relate to it’s purpose. No wasted space. Kitchen organization.



The Healthy Lifestyle

Are you changing the way you eat for health reasons? Call Chef Vanda to set up your entire kitchen with the right tools, pantry staples and spices you will need. Healthy eating is easy when you are not tempted by old habits. Chef Vanda will empty your pantry of the wrong foods and show you how to read labels and ingredients. Kitchen organization.


Everything in it's place



Like a glove
When you walk into your new kitchen, it will feel right. And when you start cooking in a kitchen that has flow, you will feel like a chef even if you are just making tea. Kitchen organization.

Call Chef Vanda to set-up a convenient consultation.

Need to Know More?
With a brief phone conversation Chef Vanda can help you determine the best service for your needs and answer any questions you might have about The Organic Personal Chef and my services.

Namaste, Chef Vanda

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