Restaurant owners with lagging sales and a smaller customer base


  • Are your dinner rushes getting smaller?
  • Do you see your profits dwindling?
  • Are you wasting food with a giant menu?
  • Are your customers just not coming back? Many times for unknown reasons or no fault of your own.


You’ve tried to ride out the slump but things just aren’t getting any better. You’ve tried menu changes with no luck.


You’ve tried the usual solutions different vendors, remodeling, specials, signs and more with little results. In most cases, you are too tangled up with your day-to-day operations to focus on making little changes that can impact your restaurant.


If you are in the industry, you have seen or know about the “Kitchen Nightmares” TV show. The nightmare show exposes the very worst restaurants on the brink of collapse. Your restaurant is probably not all that bad. The show is built on drama and Chef Ramsey’s in-your-face personality.


Restaurant Consulting


Chef Vanda has a different approach. The Organic Personal Chef will listen to your concerns and work with you to accomplish your goals by analyzing the problems and giving simple solutions.


The restaurant business is very competitive on Long Island. For a small restaurant to compete with the theme chain restaurants, they must stand out. Long Island is full of good and no-so-good restaurants. Little changes can be all you need to make your restaurant a winner. Our goal is to make your restaurant a success.


What makes The Organic Personal Chef different from an over-priced restaurant consultant just out of college?

  • Experience – with over 25 years in the restaurant business, Chef Vanda has seen the common and the not-so-common problems first hand.
  • KnowledgeChef Vanda is a graduate of SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
  • PalateChef Vanda has developed a sense of what your menu will need to “Take it to the Next Level”
  • A Working Chef Chef Vanda operates a successful personal chef business, constantly experimenting with new recipes using local, farm-fresh produce and cutting edge techniques.


Chef Vanda regularly attends ‘The New York Restaurant Show” and “The International Fancy Food Show”, regularly attends conferences to keep current, is a regular contributor to restaurant and chef online forums, as well as subscriber to numerous chef and restaurant magazines. Chef Vanda has a personal interest in making your restaurant a success with healthy meals.


Our Restaurant Consulting Service will concentrate on:


  • Minor menu changes
  • Kitchen training solutions
  • Help opening a new kitchen
  • Waiter training
  • Dining room staff training
  • Help control and eliminate waste
  • Website design, redesign or internet presence
  • Food safety awareness
  • Create flow and efficiency
  • Modernize your ambiance
  • Reduce your impact on the environment


The Organic Personal Chef will help you redesign a new menu for profit and efficiency, help you refresh the look of your dining room without busting your budget. Making healthy food interesting and delicious is what The Organic Personal Chef specializes in. Crisp, natural, healthy and organic is an option every menu should have.

Start your restaurant right


From Chef Vanda‘s experience working in various restaurants and clients homes, she knows what works well and why. From “the front of the house” to “the back of the house”, Chef Vanda can help with staff training, menu planning, kitchen set-up, freezer organization, wine list, management training, advertising, website design and promotion, decor, bar training, uniforms, equipment purchasing, menu design, restaurant chairs, internet marketing and grand openings. We will make sure you do not make mistakes in your new business.

Restaurant Consulting Service


From Chef Vanda‘s experience as a personal chef cooking in various homes, she will put your kitchen in order, to optimize space and give your kitchen a flow. The prep area will have what you use to prepare food, your cook area will be set to cook. Your pantry will be stocked with the right items in the right quantity. Your pots and pans will be stacked to optimize space. Everything will relate to it’s purpose. No wasted space.

The Healthy Menu


Today’s restaurant clientele is more health conscious and your menu should reflect this change. By creating health versions of your restaurant favorites to creating new menus, your clientele will love the new changes. Are you changing the way you eat for health reasons? Healthy eating is easy when you are not tempted by old habits. Chef Vanda will empty your pantry of the wrong foods and show you how to read labels and ingredients.

Order in the kitchen


Chef Vanda is an efficiency expert and will put your kitchen in order, to optimize space and give your kitchen a flow. The prep area will have what you use to prepare food, your cook area will be set to cook. Your pantry will be stocked with the right items in the right quantity. Your pots and pans will be stacked to optimize space. Everything will relate to it’s purpose. No wasted space.


Your freezer space is very limited. Without proper organization, a refrigerator will quickly get out of control. Even your pantry can fall into disorder without a smart system. Profits fly out the window when food is wasted. Chef Vanda will set-up an efficient system that will reduce waste and make it easy to purchase before you deplete your stock.


Front of the House


Your staff will be trained from a different perspective, specifically from the customer’s experience. Chef Vanda will pay extra attention on presentation, attitude and proper communication. A happy customer is more likely to return and more likely to recommend your restaurant to others.


Bar Set-up, Bar Training and Wine List
Chef Vanda spent many years behind a bar before starting a personal chef service. A well trained bar staff will increase profits and keep your customers happy. From Chef Vanda‘s experience in elegant parties, she has her thumb on the pulse of the wine connoisseur and can help you put together a select wine list that will minimize slow moving sellers.


Restaurant Grand Opening


Grand Opening could be one of the most stressful nights in a restaurant owner’s career. Everything should be just right, the owner should be rubbing elbows with the guests not worried about little details. The staff at The Organic Personal Chef can handle every detail of a Restaurant Grand Opening night.


Call Chef Vanda to set-up a convenient consultation.


Need to Know More?

With a brief phone conversation Chef Vanda can help you determine the best service for your needs and answer any questions you might have about The Organic Personal Chef and my services. Invite Health!


Call me today  (516) 459 – 6850

Namaste, Chef Vanda




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