Personal Chef with a mission

Hi, I am Chef Vanda, The Organic Personal Chef and the owner of Shilloh Personal Chef Services, a Long Island Personal Chef company.

When I first started my personal chef business in 1999, my goal was simple:  To make every meal the best meal you have ever tasted. My goal has never changed.

The best tasting meals start with great tasting ingredients, locally grown organic produce

The best tasting meals start with great tasting ingredients, locally grown organic produce

I will bring you bold new flavors from around the world to experience in the comfort of your own home. I seek the freshest produce, the best looking cuts of meats, poultry and fish. The more I realized the best tasting produce was organic, the best tasting produce was from local growers, harvested a short time ago.

Long Island Personal Chef

As my personal chef company grew, I continued learning. My primary focus has always been health promotion and disease prevention through healthy eating. Healthy eating starts with selecting the freshest ingredients and the healthiest produce are grown organically.

You can change the world by changing what you eat.

Committed to Health

I became aware of
Through my personal studies, I have concluded becoming Long Island’s Organic Personal Chef
Choosing to go organic has become easier

As food prices soared, the difference between conventionally grown produce and organically grown farm fresh fruits and vegetables has shrunk.

In some cases, the locally grown organic vegetables have become less expensive than supermarket produce.

The Organic Personal Chef Approach

Chef Vanda can help you fullfil your dietary goals

Chef Vanda can help you fullfil your dietary goals

Eating seasonally, buying locally grown from farmers I have developed a relationship with that I know grow organically even if they haven’t gone through the certification process.

An Organic Personal Chef in Long Island

Long Island is a wonderful place to live and grow a family. Long Island is close to New York City for culture. The schools of Long Island are some of the best in the country and the towns have their unique charm. Long Island is also home to some of the best privately owned organic farms.

By supporting our local farms, we get exceptional taste and freshness; we strengthen our local economy, safeguard your family’s health, and protect the environment.

A Green Chef

I wasn’t always a chef with a cause but the more I learned of what conventional growing was doing to our environment, our food and our health, the more I am convinced the best thing for my clients, my community and my world is to provide a service based on a sustainable approach.

    I am committed to providing only healthy gourmet meals. This means my food is as close to the way food was intended to be: free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, genetically-engineered ingredients, or irradiation. My meals are free of corn syrup, bleached white flour, chemical preservatives, artificial colors and hydrogenated fats.

    I am committed to sustainable living by supporting local farming; cruelty-free, organic, free range meats and poultry; free trade ingredients; eco-friendly and sustainable fish harvesting; and being seasonally.

    I am committed to reducing my impact on our environment by reducing trash, recycling and composting. I even drive an efficient car and thanks to a LIPA program, the electricity to my home comes from wind and water.

The Organic Personal Chef

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